Luke Ramsey

June 8 - 22 2017

Opening Reception: June 8, 7-9 PM

Artist in Attendance

'Out in It' Artist Statement:

Floating in ocean streams, bathing in colour and water. Clouds, isolated pour. Islands, hills and orcas dissected to show inspection, to vibration, to the mineral core. A beating heart at the centre of the Earth below, the sun high above. The heat inside living things, the heart centred in us. Pen to paper to draw from the inside, a continuous line in time exploring characters in play and motion. A tidy mess. Pushing paint to define the line in shape, to experiment, to contemplate. To get out, to get down, to give in and not give up.

Established internationally as an artist and designer, Ramsey is now based in Victoria BC as the city's Artist in Residence.  The range of his talent can be seen in the variety amongst his clients, who include the New York Times and Patagonia.  In addition to exhibiting in Canada and abroad, he leaves a permanent imprint on cities with his murals.  These large scale masterpieces have garnered praise for Ramsey's ability to use the details of the buildings as part of his canvas, earning him an award from the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada and a commission from The Drake Hotel.  Ramsey's ability to juxtapose finesse and ambiguity lend to his intrigue. Acclaimed for his ink on paper, he continues to showcase his nuanced understanding of colour and movement with the addition of acrylic works to this exhibition.