MAY 12 - 26

This collection of work is inspired by Wendy Wacko accompanying Olympic rower Adam Kreek and the crew of OAR North West on part of their circumnavigation of Vancouver Island in April 2012.Passing through Johnstone Strait, gliding along the sea allowed the artist a unique perspective of documenting the region.“This experience has changed the way I see the world and other people. From a creative point of view, I learned a lot about tone and subtle texture that had until now eluded me.”

Reflecting on this experience Olympic Rower Adam Kreek said "Wendy and I were rowing through BC's inside passage together with my friends from OAR Northwest. Together on an ocean rowing boat, Wendy and I shivered sleepless in the rain, cold and darkness of a quiet cove in BC's inside passage. The breath-taking misery passed. The next day when the light broke and a dry warm breeze brushed our faces, we knew that we were rowing through a sacred earthly place. Wendy reveals on her canvas a deeper and more aesthetic wilderness - a wilderness that I have felt often, but a wilderness that only she can paint. You must enter into a raw intimacy with your environment. You must become vulnerable and exposed to the paradoxical brutality and beauty of the wild."