Pulp and Process III


Madrona Gallery is pleased to present the third instalment of Pulp + Process. This exhibition is focused on the diversity of paper as a medium.

Included are a collection of watercolour, pastel, acrylic, collage, mixed media, graphite, ink and coloured pencil works by select gallery artists.

Highlighted in this exhibition will be the work of Diana Thorneycroft, an internationally recognized, award-winning, Winnipeg based artist. Her Group of Seven Awkward Moments and Canadians and Americans - Best Friends Forever / Its Complicated Series deconstruct ideas of Canadian identity and histories.

Other artists included in the show are David Antonides, Barry Hodgson, Nicotye Samayualie, Pudlo Samayualie, Hashim Hanoon, Meghan Hildebrand, Luke Ramsey, Morgana Wallace and many more.