Hashim Hannoon

June 8 - 21

Opening Reception June 8
Artist in Attendance

B. 1957.  Basrah, Iraq.

A respected artist in the middle east, this Iraqi born artist immigrated to Canada in 2009, currently living in Vancouver. Hashim Hannoon graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts-Baghdad in 1979. He received his Bachelor of Sculpture from the College of Fine Arts-Baghdad in 1999 and is a Member of Iraqi Artistic Forming Assembly and the Babylon Assembly of French Arts.

Hannoon's work has been exhibited extensively throughout the Middle East. Since coming to Canada, the themes of life and energy of the city have dominated his work.

“When I came to Canada, I felt more settled and I began to focus on the theme of the city and landscape as I'm surrounded by a beautiful place; however, I did not forget about my roots or the old themes that I used to depict in my artworks. I combined different themes in my new artworks that cover the aspects of childhood and the Canadian scene centred around the city.”
- Hashim Hannoon, 2019

City Colours - 48 x 48 - Acrylic on Canvas - SOLD

City Colours - 48 x 48 - Acrylic on Canvas - SOLD