David Antonides

B. 1958 Whitehorse, Yukon.

David Antonides has studied in Vancouver, Europe and New York. His approach to watercolour creates a weight and drama not normally associated with this typically transparent and fragile medium. He states, "Water for me is a medium which intermediates the tangible with emotion and spirit. It flows between my intention and its own laws of nature and serendipity - it's a collaboration of sorts. I explore the contrast between the subtlety of complex colour transitions and the strength of dense, robust marks. Watercolour can make a strong statement and be monumental. It can have weight and gravity."

The course of David's work has led to a focus on large format cityscapes and urban behaviour. "There is spirit and nature in the city. We can feel it, although we may not always know where to see it. I find a compelling relationship between people and their urban context as active organic objects living and flowing through the chasms of inorganic and commanding architecture. Beyond the strength and scale of the environment is nature as light and inspiration." David paints primarily in Berlin, Vancouver and New York. His work is included in corporate and private collections in Canada, USA, Europe and Asia.

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